I am Michael Mardarello, founder of the Tourette's Hope Center Project.

The main objective of this project is to create a place where people suffering with this disorder can find help and become happy productive citizens.

The idea is to provide them with the necessary tools they can employ on their daily lives.

To show them different techniques from medical advise to physical exercises to provide a balanced holistic and spiritual life.

Finding that balance will help sufferers find a way to deal with stress and anxiety, which in turn will help them cope and suppress those tics.

In time using these techniques will become second nature.

As we know Tourettes can be triggered by stress and anxiety.

Therefore a well balanced body, mind and spirit will decrease stress and anxiety levels.

We will be a 30 day in patient rehabilitation center that will focus on the mental and physical recovery of Tourettes Syndrome sufferers.

With the help of doctors, therapists, nutrition specialists, psychologists and chiropractors.

We intend to offer a recovery plan that will use such techniques as massage therapy, yoga, meditation and teach proper nutrition.


Adult patients will have the necessary skills to cope with the stress their everyday work and home life generates.

Children and young adults will have the proper tutoring to help them maintain their school work up to date.

Psychologists will help them cope with peer pressure caused by interactions with other children and young adults.

I Michael Mardarello was diagnosed with Tourettes Syndrome at a very early age.


Without help from the outside world, with no coping skills and no one to tell me how to suppress my ticks.
It downed on me that only I could find a way to help myself.

Having learned how to manage my Tourettes, I now feel I am ready to help others succeed.

My mission in life is to open this center and to help as many people suffering and with nowhere to go.

I hope that some day we will manage and have what everyone else has:

  • The ability to live a normal life, to sit still without the urges to have ticks or vocal slurs.
  • To go to work and not be harassed by co workers or have bosses threaten you because they don't know what you are suffering from.
  • For children and young adults to be able to cope with peer pressure.Having gone myself through these trials and tribulations, I now want others to achieve the best the world has to offer them.

I was a business owner, a homeless man, married, divorced, everything that I set my mind body and spirit was delivered to me by my God as I understand him.

Help us achieve this dream for all those who need help.

Please read my biography by going to the "Our Team" Tab.

Michael Mardarello






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We are looking for volunteers willing to work with children teaching art as a form of therapy.



Children with Tourettes are continuously being bullied because of uncontrollable facial tics and sometimes verbal rants .



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Date to be Announced

Events will be Announced Shortly

At Tourettes Hope Center we are currently looking for volunteers, donors, and for people willing to help us create this center.

If you are interested in helping us in any way, shape or form, please use any of the forms in this website to contact us.

Thank You